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What makes us different.

We're here to improve the world's mental health with practical, actionable tools. Our unique blend of industry expertise, firsthand lived experience, and obsession to always do better enables us to create solutions that are not only easy to use but also have a genuine impact in people's lives.

🤔  Why make it fun?

The truth is, many mental health apps feel like a doctor's office waiting room—minus the outdated magazines. Shmoody believes that the best mental health tools should be backed by science but don't need to feel science-y. We're convinced that the journey to better mental health can—and should—be enjoyable. After all, isn't fun the secret ingredient to staying committed in the long run?

Action Plans

Think of action plans like a step by step instruction manual on how to feel better. They are uniquely created based on how you feel that day.

Mood Tracker

A fun and personalized way to monitor emotions, allowing you to recognize patterns, understand triggers, and ultimately take better control of your moods.

Peer Support

A safe space ask questions, share experiences, and find support from others navigating similar journeys—think of it as the positive side of social media.

Joy Time

Joy Time helps you discover (or rediscover!) what truly makes you happy and then organizes your favorites into a Joy Calendar, ensuring you regularly engage in activities that lift you up.

Audio Toolbox

Our Audio Toolbox is your go-to resource for mental fitness audio, featuring a life coaching audio series, breathing exercises, meditations, focus-enhancing music, binaural beats, and more!

Chat Bot

Guru Cat, our friendly chat bot, is always ready to lend an ear, offering you support, guidance, and witty advice whenever you need a confidential chat or to ask questions you're hesitant to discuss with others.

Our Features

Your go-to pocket toolkit for mental health.

Wherever you are in your mental health journey, Shmoody is like the friend who is always there for you—to offer useful suggestions, to listen, and sometimes just to make you laugh. Take a look at our core features:

Our Team

Meet the minds behind the mission.

Nate Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Former VP at Goldman Sachs. Attorney. Philosophy BA from Duke and JD from Wash U. Active in recovery from addiction (10+ years), meditation, yoga, and service to others.

Mike McSweeney

Chief Product Officer

Award-winning filmmaker turned product designer. Obsessed with aesthetics and mood hacking. Has overcome his own struggles with depression which inspired the creation of the app.

Russ Console

Chief Technology Officer

Formerly a US Space Force Officer developing software for satellites, Russ is now an accomplished engineer and manager using his skills to support mental health.

Kristina Ross

Creative Director

Organic and Paid Growth, User Acquisition and viral strategies which have brought clients to #1 in the App Store! I love work that makes the world better!

Cody Smith

Director of Higher Ed Implementation

A passionate advocate for social change, Cody strives to have a positive impact on the world around him. A published author and avid traveler, his love for exploration, surfing, sailing, and fishing not only enrich his life but deepen his appreciation for the world's interconnected beauty.

Ffi Norman

Graphic Design & Content Marketing

Experienced designer that helps real people do what they need to do. Whether that’s saving energy, taking care of health and wellbeing, brain-training, or making good financial decisions; she aims to help companies who do good for people and our planet.

Alex Hernandez

Full Stack Developer

Former copywriter turned developer. Music junkie and avid record collector with a passion for spreading mental wellness tools and techniques to encourage personal growth.

Jenny Hyseni

Community Manager

Jenny always has her finger on the pulse of trends, with a focus on paid ad and content management, Influencer Management and creative direction. She has contributed to the growth and social strategy for social accounts with over 1 million followers.


Venture Partners

Draper Associates

Sputnik ATX

Goodwater Capital

Our Investors

Licensed Therapist & Clinical Advisor

Coaching and Wellness

Growth Marketing

Enterprise Sales

Gamification/Higher Ed Implementation

Our Advisors

We have help from amazing people.

Interested in partnering with us?

Every day, thousands of new people turn to Shmoody to embark on their self-improvement journey. We're always open to connecting with potential partners to explore innovative collaborations and grow together.





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