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Take Action, Feel Better.

The fun to use mental health app

Mental health is tough. When we're feeling off, it can be hard to know what to do to feel better. That's where we come in.

We take the guesswork

out of self-care and

mental health

...but how?

Shmoody is proven to help you:

Feel better on tough days
Mood-based suggestions

Automagically generated to match your mood, our easy-to-follow Action Plans offer practical steps to help you get unstuck and out of a funk.

Build positive habits
Curated, repeatable routines

Achieve long-term progress through daily, positive actions. Our routines help you develop science-backed habits gradually, with us supporting you every step of the way!

Have fun while doing it!
Confetti, jokes, & memes!

Shmoody's secret sauce is our fun and relatable approachwe're like your funny friendthere to lift you up and cheer you on. Who knew taking care of your mental health could be fun?


Positive real-world actions

We believe that real mental health work happens once the phone is put down. That's why we're all about getting people to take meaningful real-world actions that will improve their lives, one action at a time. So far, Shmoody has helped people take over 900,000 real-world, mood-changing actions.

We keep it simple.

We keep it real. ✌️

Shmoody was created by people who have been there, lived it, and learned how to get through it. Our lived experiences combined with our therapist-approved features have made Shmoody a tool we're genuinely proud to use every day.

“Shmoody has literally changed my life and made my world a healthier, more productive, more prosperous place to be.”

“I never write reviews but I love this app so much I have to! Out of all the apps I’ve tried for anxiety and overall mood this one is by far the best!”

“This app made me feel like I was winning when life was showing me all the ways I was losing. It gave me a small victory for getting out of a deep dark place. I will forever be grateful for this app.”

“I've been using Shmoody for years and recommend it to all my friends. I told my therapist about it and she even recommends it to her other clients!”

“Love how this app is so different from others. It really helps 🫶”

“This is one mental health app that I actually like! I actually want to use it and that makes a difference!”

“This app really rocks!!!! I can’t wait for more updates !!!”

“I love Shmoody! It’s everything I was looking for in an app, and the team behind it all clearly works hard to improve it however they can!”

“This is an exceptionally amazing app. It has many tools and helpful tips regarding mood tracking and how to live the best version of you.”

“This app is outrageous! I feel more confident by the minute. HIGHLY RECOMMEND”

“This app has changed the game for me! Thanks so very much to the team that has changed my life with this app!”

“You can tell that the app is made by cool people who care.”

What people are saying

900k +

People using Shmoody



App rating



Average self-reported mood improvement score

We love our users

(...and they love us back!)

Our DNA is different. In a sea of boring, clinical feeling apps, we intentionally build joy into everything we do. We think that's why people love us—though, our knack for making people feel better probably plays a part too.

Young people love Shmoody because it's relatable and fun - and they actually use it! Learn more about how Shmoody U brings our beloved brand to schools to help make a real impact on students' lives.

For Colleges & Universities

Therapists love us because we get clients to follow through on the actions that support their mental health. Quality therapy + daily positive actions is a recipe for real progress (we get feedback like this from therapists all the time!)

For Therapists

Feel Better, Now!

Shmoody is where fun meets effectiveness, science-backed without feeling science-y, and made by people who get it. Create a fun and uplifting experience for your mind, and start your journey with us today!

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